Point d'Orgue

by Galerie Stratique



Point d’orgue is the music of a future imagined by our grandparents. Following a brief improv session with Awdium, Galerie Stratique carefully edited and crafted this final session. Point d’orgue, with its akwardness, its explosion of contradictory sentiments, its limited means, its false virtuosity, slowed down funk, abusive repetitions and lo-fi sounds, is mostly a playful affair. But repeated listenings reveal not only some nuances and subtleties, but the possibility of a serious dependency.

Should please fans of Booker T, Cluster, Plone

Note : Point d'orgue has already been released for free on No Type, but the low mp3 encoding was problematic with its snappy beats. The sound quality is better here.


The Rummage : " Galerie Stratique’s PR calls them “awkward” — and truth is stranger than fiction. This wonky, egregious album draws on all those teeter-tot-toddler memories of music boxes, serial themes and ice cream trucks. In chipper bright bleeps it screams lite brite and silly putty. But don’t hold back; it’s not below you; their PR also claims, slyly, that “repeated listening reveals not only some nuances and subtleties, but the possibility of a serious dependency.” I couldn’t agree more, and you can too — the record is free to download on No Type. Point d’Orgue, which means “climax” or “pause” in French — two concepts interestingly conflated — is one of the most spectacular things I’ve ever heard. It makes its emotions bigger, as one speaking to a child, and so it is that we have utterly out-of-proportion five-minute-mysteries-organ and the mincing music of spooky television funk. Though it’s a teeny blip of an EP, at 19-and-a-half minutes, Point d’Orgue cuts right to the kitsch, and more incisively than anything I’ve ever heard. " (Brittany Tracy)


released December 21, 2006

produced and mixed by Charles-Émile Beullac

synthesizer (Roland Juno 6) : Jocelyn Picard aka Awdium

organ, drum machine & sound collage : Charles-Émile Beullac

graphic design : Carole Siciak

the material may not be reproduced or distributed, in whole or in part, without prior written permission

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Galerie Stratique Québec

Grafting avant-garde, sound art, pastoral electronica, lounge, classical and fourth world music, Galerie Stratique concisely hints at various possibilities of what electronic music can or could be.

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